Lean for a Lifetime Lifestyle Program-Individual

Lean for a Lifetime Lifestyle Program-Individual
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Everything you need to learn to get and stay lean. No gimmicks, just solid physiology, nutrition, and psychology. Six sessions, scheduled individually with your instructor and conducted either in person or by phone, provide instruction, structure, and support.

  • Baseline assessment and individual success strategy report
  • Prioritize focus areas (exercise, nutrition, knowledge and compliance)
  • Gap analysis: Pinpoint weak areas of knowledge and habits
  • Sample exercise and nutrition programs
  • Interaction with Lean for a Lifetime Instructors to keep you involved, to provide accountability, and to offer assistance if you get stuck.
  • Regular progress checks
  • Access to Lean for a Lifetime message board
  • Help developing customized exercise and nutrition programs
  • Post program questionnaire and individual progress report
  • One on one support from Lean for a Lifetime instructors (additional charge)
  • Lesson Topics for Lifestyle Program and Seminars
  • Why active people need different strategies for bodyfat reduction
  • Self-Talk, Reframing, and Motivation
  • 10 Commandments of Lean for a Lifetime

Program Overview:

Week 1: Goals

Week 2:

Week 1 Review and Question and Answer


Eating to feed your muscle cells, but not your fat cells

Exercise: Naturally changing your body chemistry

Week 2 Goals

Week 3:

Week 2 Review and Question and Answer

Eating a low fat diet

Raising your resting metabolic rate

Week 3 Goals

Week 4:

Week 3 Review and Question and Answer

Managing Hunger and Satiety

Week 4 Goals

Week 5:

Week 4 Review and Question and Answer

Eating Out and Cooking

Shopping for Bodyfat Reduction

Week 5 Goals

Week 6:

Week 5 Review and Question and Answer

Keeping it off: plans for the long term

Long term goals and plans

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