DVD : Evolution Running - Wholesale (90)

DVD : Evolution Running - Wholesale (90)
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Athletes in every sport except running devote enormous attention to perfecting even minute details of the movements they will be required to produce in competition. Runners just think they need to run longer and harder, ignoring technique. Our research has found that this simply is not the case. We have improved the efficiency of runners of all levels, from beginner to professional, by 4½ to 8 percent. Learn the techniques used by 17 year old Steven D. to run 4:39 per mile off the bike to win U.S.A. Triathlon. Nationals 26 seconds per mile faster than the 2nd fastest run split. Learn to use your body's natural shock absorption instead of relying solely (pardon the pun) on your shoes. You will run further and faster than ever before. Ken Mierke and Joe Friel have coached some of the fastest runners in the sport. Let them teach you too.

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