Evolution Running Instructor Certification

Evolution Running Instructor Certification
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Athletes in every sport except running devote enormous attention to perfecting even minute details of the movements they will be required to produce in competition; running coaches just tell their athletes to run longer and to run harder.  Runners, and their coaches, have basically ignored technique for years, assuming that their “natural stride” will give them efficiency and injury resistance.  Evolution Running has found that this simply is not the case.  Our research shows that improving technique can increase running efficiency by 4.5 to 8%.  Mastering every nuance of running efficiency is a must for any runner who wants to perform to his or her potential.

Certified instructors receive training and testing from Ken Mierke, developer of Evolution Running.  Once a thorough understanding of the materials has been demonstrated, participants will become certified instructors.  Certified instructors will receive:


  • Credibility: The right to use the term “Certified Evolution Running Instructor” and the Evolution Running logo on websites, resumes and marketing materials.
  • Instruction: Initial instruction and continuing education about the latest techniques for improving running efficiency, through both technique and training.
  • Profit from sales: Each instructor receives a promotion code providing a discount for Evolution running books, E-books, DVDs and related products which provides a small discount for customers.  Profit from sales is split 50/50 between instructor and Evolution Running.
  • Promotion: A picture, short bio, contact information, and website link on EvolutionRunning.com, which receives over 180,000 hits per year.
  • Support: for Evolution Running clinics.


Certification process includes:

  • Evolution Running DVD
  • Precertification instruction booklet
  • Two full days of hands-on instruction directly from Ken Mierke
    • Evolution running techniques
    • Optimal sequence of learning
    • Use of video in instruction
    • Common teaching errors
    • Teaching techniques
    • Marketing your services
  • Written exam booklet corrected and personally reviewed with Ken Mierke
  • Practical exam


Certification costs only $1,200 plus a $200 annual registration fee.  Certified instructors agree to hold at least two clinics per year.  Evolution Running will receive 20% of gross revenue from independently conducted clinics or events.

Additional information will be emailed to you following your registration.


Visit EvolutionRunning.com for more info about this successful running technique.

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Price $1,200.00